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11 07, 2012

“Can you Walk, Talk, and Chew Gum?”: The Myth of Multitasking

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I can’t multitask!  I’ll be the first to admit it.  I have resigned myself to the fact my brain can only focus on one activity at a time.  There should be a thought bubble over my head that reads “occupied” or “unoccupied” so people know when it is safe to begin speaking to me about a new topic. People walk up to me at work and just stand in front of my desk while I’m typing.  When I look up they say, “I’ll wait until you finish what you are doing.”  History has taught them it is the only way [...]

5 07, 2012

Do you Believe in Lies? I have – and I probably still do.

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Do you believe in lies? I have – and I probably still do. This concept of "believing lies" is fairly new to me, something that I feel is just dawning as a realization. I have believed lies about myself for a long time. I began to realize this when I noticed a strange little voice that would sneak up inside of me at some of my more vulnerable times and say things like, “Oh dear, Molly, that was a weird thing to do,” “They think you’re stupid,” “You shouldn’t have made that decision,” “They don’t like you,” etc . . [...]

19 06, 2012

Rest . . . Can’t Skimp on it, Can’t Bank It

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Rest . . . Can’t Skimp on it, Can’t Bank It My precocious 4 year old great granddaughter was telling me about the seeds she had planted with daddy.  She had forgotten to water them that day, so we talked about how they grow. “Every day they need water and sun. It helps them stretch and grow little by little until they become what they were intended to be.” I told her. “What happens at night?” Elisabeth asked.  “The seeds have to rest.” I said.  “Nothing can grow constantly.  It grows during the day and rests at night, so it [...]

15 06, 2012

Sweet Sanctuary – Where is Yours?

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Sweet Sanctuary - Where is Yours? The definition of sanctuary in the words of my dear friend Marianne Piotrowski is “A place of refuge, a place to feel safe & comfortable.  A place where one can de-stress from the outside world & commune with God.”  It means something different to each of us but serves us all in the same way.  Sanctuary can be your home, work, family, friends, outdoors, church - anything, really.  But what does it mean to you? Most times, a person's sanctuary changes depending on what stage they're in at that moment of their life.  When [...]

1 06, 2012

Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert? A Few Ways to Figure out YOU.

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Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert? I’ve grown up in a home with parents that are on the extreme ends of this spectrum. My dad is a wise, quiet, extremely intelligent man who can be talkative and expressive but prefers, or at least is more often reserved and happy to be alone. My mom is the opposite. The woman loves parties, people, always has stories to tell and can be heard laughing all the time. I love that about her, but I also love my dad’s peaceful and much more contemplative existence. Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/piksel I [...]

30 05, 2012

Are You Number One?

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Are you Number One? Where do you fall on your list of priorities? We all have busy lives, when we get up in the morning the clock starts ticking and the race is on! We are stretched in so many directions, and we have a hard time saying “no” when we are asked to do more. At the end of the day take a moment to ask yourself, “What did I do for myself today?” Chances are you probably didn’t even take the time to eat lunch which means you certainly did not stop to smell the roses. I used [...]