22 06, 2012

“Never Ever Give Up”: The Jessie Rees Story

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"Never Ever Give Up" How would you react to the news you have an inoperable brain tumor? Let me pose the question again. What if you were eleven years old and were told you had an inoperable brain tumor? How would you cope with such devastating news? Jessica Joy Rees received this heartbreaking diagnosis in March of 2011. I met Jessie's "daddy", Erik Rees, through my service in the Memorial Ministry at Saddleback Church where he is a pastor. I listened to Pastor Rees speak and comfort families during the most difficult times of their lives. Never did I imagine [...]

12 05, 2012

Serving Others with our Time, Talents, and Treasures

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Talents, Time, and Treasures The Three Wise Men of Service Long ago in 2004, our firm’s CEO, Neil O’Connor, approached me about becoming a part of a service organization called “Rotary International.”  I, like many, have been greeted by the “Rotary Wheel” that is displayed upon entering countless cities across the USA; but I didn’t have a clue about what Rotary did.  With a heavy sigh, I agreed to join the Rotary Club of San Juan Capistrano, knowing that I could always quit and pass that baton back to Neil. Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/rinelle Well, after six years, [...]

3 05, 2012

Prayer: An Untapped Power Tool for Successful Living

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Let me tell you about my Uncle Fred and one of the ways he influenced my life.  Uncle Fred lived with us when I was very young. Photo used with Permission I loved to watch Uncle Fred come through the doorway for any reason. He stood about 6’ 5” and always had to stoop down to get through.   He was a man of few words and had a dry humor that rumbled just below the surface all the time.  His favorite thing to do with me was to pick me up in his strong arms, flip me upside [...]