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11 12, 2014

25 Years + 1 Mortuary = A Career of Meaning

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Monday, December 1st, marked the 25th Work-iversary of Jeff Turner, our Chief Administrative Officer! Feeling that this event merited more than a celebratory lunch, speech and many "Congratulations," we decided a blog was in order. We have all pooled together to write about Jeff, share special thoughts, memories and ways he has influenced our lives. But first, a brief history: Jeff began at O'Connor in 1989 working in the Care Center as a Licensed, Supervising Embalmer. He moved into meeting with families as a Funeral Arranger (a job which he is still credited by some as being "the best in [...]

16 04, 2014

Stubborn Love | The Power of Lyrics

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“Its better to feel pain, than nothing at all. The opposite of love is indifference.”   It was around 10:30 on a Wednesday night, and there I was, driving out to Laguna Hills to bring someone who had passed away into our care. Only this time I was not going to be calling a stranger to let them know their loved one was in our care. I was not going to fill out any paperwork with a strange name at the heading, nor was I going to be setting up an appointment for the family to meet an Arranger. The [...]

7 04, 2014

Connection and Kindness: How We’re Different

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We love feedback and part of my job at O'Connor is to meet with families we have recently served to collect their responses, experiences & stories of their time with us. http://www.cityofalisoviejo.com/Lisa-Blue I love asking the question, “So, why O’Connor?” Many families have had a previous experience with us and we are who they trust. Some chose us because of what  I call "The Six Degrees of O’Connor” - their kids went to school with one of the O’Connor children or grandchildren, or they know Joe & Jane O’Connor from church, their community or other organizations.  Other people [...]

11 03, 2014

When Two Roads Converge: A Celebrant’s Process

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I’ve often thought it’s unfortunate that people only think about death when they think of a mortuary or cemetery.  Why not think about life…a place where life is celebrated in all its beauty? I've spent the last 9 years as a Funeral Celebrant and can attest to the power of a place that honors life, my thought is, let's not just go to a mortuary in the wake of death, let's also go in and enjoy life. Photo Courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/richcano Several years ago I attended an art show held in an old mausoleum…in the middle of a [...]

4 12, 2013

We Lit Nine Candles: The Remembrance Service

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On Tuesday night we held our 12th Annual Candlelight Remembrance Service at the Laguna Hills Community Center. These evenings are unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Photo Courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/bestdesigns The evening started cheerfully enough as families filtered in and re-connected with different staff members that helped them. There are always hugs but then the context of our relationship tends to hit and the mood grows somber. For many, this is a night looked for and cherished for the healing it has brought. There is anxiety for some who don't know what they will experience or maybe don't [...]

18 09, 2013

An Ode to Tommy: An O’Connor Employee Hall of Famer

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Well, it's finally happening - Tommy is leaving us. Tommy is a Service Director here at O'Connor and he will soon be retiring and moving back to his well-loved, native land of New Jersey. In the 8 years that Tommy has spent at O'Connor he has carved a deep place for himself in the family of our staff. His thick New Jersey accent, dynamite wit, and unfailing compassion for every person that walks through our doors are just some of the reasons why we love Tommy so much. He will leave behind him a place that no one will be [...]

10 07, 2013

Why Did You Become an Embalmer?: An Interview with Joanna

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An interview with our Care Center Manager and Assistant General Manager, Joanna Ramirez:   - How long have you worked for O'Connor Mortuary? I have been here at O’Connor since 2006. - When did you first learn about embalming?  I first learned about embalming when I was in school and a guidance counselor passed a list of majors out to the class. I started looking into it and found all sorts of information on the history and present day of embalming. - What made you think that embalming was something you might like to do professionally? Growing up, I originally [...]

24 04, 2013

Meet our Administrative Professionals

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We want you to meet the women behind-the-scenes here at O'Connor Mortuary. These 5 ladies work full-time to be the first to answer the phone, prepare and file  all of our  paperwork, ensure quality & efficiency, and most of all, they help us look good! We are happy to introduce to you, the Admin Ladies of O'Connor Mortuary!   First up is . . . Diana - The Voice of O'Connor & our lovely Receptionist 1. How long have you worked for O'Connor Mortuary?  I have been with O’Connor since 2005. 2. What made you consider working at a mortuary?  [...]

19 11, 2012

Reflecting on Friendships: Thankful for Pat

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Reflecting on Friendships: Thankful for Pat I never imagined that I would become a fourth generation Funeral Director; I guess my crystal ball was in the shop some 24 years ago. For the last 23 years I have been on this amazing journey of having the privilege of walking along side the families in our community in their darkest hours. My career has become so much more than a job or a paycheck, this profession has so many teaching lessons. The number 1 lesson I have learned thus far is that relationships are key to our lives. I have had [...]

22 05, 2012

Journey Mercies . . .

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Journey Mercies . . . Have you ever prayed for someone who was going on a long trip?  Maybe one that would take them to a place they have never been or one that could put them in harms way? Did you ever ask the Lord for journey mercies on their behalf?  Sixteen years ago I divorced.  After 23 years of marriage and four kids, I found myself alone. As traumatic as that was, the thought of being on my own was even more overwhelming. Would I be able to afford to stay in my home, pay my bills and move forward in my life? [...]