12 11, 2013

“Their house is gone”: Lessons in Facing Tragedy

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I'll never forget hearing that phrase, "Their house is gone." I had been watching news coverage of the Silver Fire in Banning, CA all day long, vigilant because of dear friends living in that area.  With my calls going straight to voice mail  I decided to go to bed. The phone rang an hour later.  It was a brief call because I had no words, my boyfriend only knew that our friends were able to save their dogs & themselves.  I fell asleep in tears, unable to process the news just yet. Post fire pics of the Anderson's home [...]

29 10, 2013

How Halloween Came to Be

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 **For a great listing of local Halloween festivities, click here or here. Halloween-time is my favorite time of the year. Admittedly, I’m more in love with the harvest look that shakes the trees, the colder weather, and the infamous PSL, but I also relish the spooky-murky-creepiness of the only holiday that fits my love of X-Files, Harry Potter, and Tim Burton all into one day. Photo Courtesy of ©Stockphoto.com//gianlucabartoli But besides making the mortuary a “cool” place to work for a month, this holiday is also the only one that actively recognized the dead in its celebration. Do [...]

24 07, 2013

Diversity in Death: Lessons Learned from A Giant, 2 Families, and a Hare Krishna

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Diversity is a constant in life. It teaches us how to be flexible under stress, to appreciate ourselves and each other. Diversity tells us that it’s OK to be curious and ask questions, to live and let live. Diversity isn’t always drastic. Subtle diversity can yield the greatest experiences. But is there diversity in death?  Absolutely! I have served almost every kind of family you can think of in my 9 short years as a mortician. Families of strong faith and atheists, wealthy families and poor ones, families that can populate a small city and individuals who are the last [...]

26 06, 2013

“Who Wants to go on a Coroner Tour?!”

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I don’t know how you would respond to this question, but I jumped at the opportunity. Becky, our Director of Community Development, set up this tour and although she was met with some resistance, she filled up the spots with community professionals and had just enough space for me to tag along with my dad, Jeff Turner, one of the O’Connor owners. Now I know most kids don’t grow up hearing about the Coroner’s office, but I did. My dad was always so impressed with the level of professionalism, service & efficiency he received from the Orange County office - [...]

24 04, 2013

Meet our Administrative Professionals

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We want you to meet the women behind-the-scenes here at O'Connor Mortuary. These 5 ladies work full-time to be the first to answer the phone, prepare and file  all of our  paperwork, ensure quality & efficiency, and most of all, they help us look good! We are happy to introduce to you, the Admin Ladies of O'Connor Mortuary!   First up is . . . Diana - The Voice of O'Connor & our lovely Receptionist 1. How long have you worked for O'Connor Mortuary?  I have been with O’Connor since 2005. 2. What made you consider working at a mortuary?  [...]

18 04, 2013

“You Killed Lilly!”: Losing a Childhood Pet

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“You Killed Lilly!”: Losing a Childhood Pet It was the summer of 1979 about 5:30 in the afternoon, that warm time of day when all the neighborhood kids were outside playing basketball and skateboarding. Life was good, we were a bunch of clueless kids without a care in the world, enjoying one of those long, California, summer afternoons. At the bottom of our driveway was Lilly, the family dog & neighborhood mascot. Our 12 year old black Cocker Spaniel was relaxing in the sun and keeping an eye on us . . . she had no idea she was about [...]

14 03, 2013

How to Grieve on Facebook: Wearing Black in A Virtual World

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The internet has changed our lives so much. From the way we interact, to the way we learn, and even the way we shop. You can do ALMOST anything online, and now we’re beginning to see people grieve there as well. Photo Credit: www.mothernewyork.com I recently read an article that advocated for the return of the traditional act of “wearing black” when in mourning. While I don’t think the idea will quite catch on again, this sense of needing to be known in the public as someone in grief is a very important idea and one that social [...]

25 12, 2012

Christmas in 1952: Tragical to Magical

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Christmas in 1952: Tragical to Magical   December, 1952 – I was 5 years old.  There was a walkway from the street to the back door, which my brothers kept shoveled despite snow that was higher than our heads.  The plowed and drifted snow banks were up to the second floor of the house.  I am the youngest in a family of eight.  Six of us were still at home. March, 1952. ALL the Anderson children, upon arriving home from Mama's funeral. If you notice, we all attended. There was no question that I at 5, was too young [...]

19 11, 2012

Reflecting on Friendships: Thankful for Pat

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Reflecting on Friendships: Thankful for Pat I never imagined that I would become a fourth generation Funeral Director; I guess my crystal ball was in the shop some 24 years ago. For the last 23 years I have been on this amazing journey of having the privilege of walking along side the families in our community in their darkest hours. My career has become so much more than a job or a paycheck, this profession has so many teaching lessons. The number 1 lesson I have learned thus far is that relationships are key to our lives. I have had [...]

29 10, 2012

Halloween Past & Present: From the 70’s to Today

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Halloween Past & Present- by Carrie Bayer It's the time of year where the ghosts & goblins come out. Pumpkins, black cats, styrofoam tomb stones & cottony spider webs adorn the neighborhood in anticipation of trick-or-treating. I love this time of year! Via Country Living When I was a kid, my dad would put our dog on a leash & take us kids around the neighborhood to get our fill of candy. There were tons of other families out & about- it was a great night for neighbors to admire the kids' costumes, visit & get to know [...]