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Terese came to us as our Aflac Representative, and was definitively not looking for a career change. After spending time with our staff as our rep, however, she began to feel a pull not only into funeral service but specifically to the team at O’Connor. In her own words, “I could tell there was a great team at O’Connor… people who really care about what they do and the families they serve.

Terese’s background includes a career at Hewlett Packard, being a stay-at-home-mom, and volunteering herself into a position as the music teacher & choir director at the Mission Parish School. While her exposure to the funeral profession had come from her talent as a singer, often singing at funerals and usually helping families make musical selections that their loved one would have liked, Terese also has experienced personal loss. Her empathy for grieving families is tremendous. Terese is a people person whose compassion and instant warmth make her an ideal Funeral Arranger.

Music is still a passion of Terese’s, along with cooking, socializing and playing board games with her family and friends. Terese is also a proud Bruin and graduate of UCLA, as well as a faithful member of the Catholic Church. Her life quote is, “Work like everything depends on you, but pray like everything depends on God!”

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