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Diligent | Focused | Compassionate

After years of working in the restaurant industry, Leah made the brave decision to change her life and made a rather unusual switch to the field and study of Mortuary Science. She received her degree from Cypress College in 2015, the same year she began her apprenticeship at O’Connor, as an embalmer working in our Care Center.

Leah’s change in course was prompted by her desire to give back to her community and do something that was fulfilling not only for herself but for the people that her work benefits. Leah finds great purpose, meaning and healing in funeral ceremonies and feels privileged to play a part in helping families through these times.

Leah loves life at home reading, cooking, spending time with her two teenage sons, and playing with her pets which include, a dog, two kitties, and a Sulcata Tortoise.

There are 3 words that Leah lives by, “Just be still,” – 3 very special words spoken to her by her grandmother that continue to remind her how important the present moment is.

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