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Charitable | Trustworthy | Detail-Oriented

Angel loves people, plain and simple. Her deep drive to be with, learn from and serve people makes her a wonderful Advance Planner. Joining the team in 2015, Angel made a splash as our first Korean speaking employee and has been invaluable to us and the Korean community. When Angel was 27 she lost her 51-year-old mother to stomach cancer. Her experience showed her the importance of preparing and pre-planning.

Angel is also one of the most active people you will ever meet! She married her high school sweetheart from Laguna Hills High School and they have 4 wonderfully active children. Angel is an active volunteer at her children’s schools, in the LHHS Alumni Association, her LDS church community and in supporting her children’s sports teams.

Angel’s family has adopted and memorized their family philosophy, “All life is based on the fact that anything worth getting is hard to get. There is a price to be paid for anything. Scholarship can only be bought at the price of study, skill of craft or technique can only be bought at the price of practice, and eminence in any sport can only be bought at the price of training and discipline. The world is full of people who have missed their destiny because they would not pay the price. No one can take the easy way and enter into any kind of glory or greatness.” – William Barclay

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