“I am thankful for your life.”


Each year I ponder what a grieving person might be thankful for in the wake of loss. Grief is so complex, something we must accept and something we rebel against with the pain of feeling “there wasn’t enough time.” Grief is often a state of flux between “ungratefulness” for what was lost or what will never happen and overwhelming gratefulness that time together happened at all.

If you are a grieving person, whether from a recent loss or one that you can still feel from long ago – below are a few phrases of thankfulness for us to offer and hold in this season of Thanksgiving.

Take a deep breath before reading the mantras below – center yourself – read slowly and pause at the end of each line.

Even in grief, I can find gratitude and peace.


I am thankful for your life.

I am thankful for how you transformed my life.

I am thankful for the time we had together – the good and the hard times.

I am thankful that the universe brought us together.

I am thankful for your spirit – I am thankful for when I feel it with me.

I am thankful that even now, you are a part of my life.

I am thankful that you will always be in my story.

These mantras are available to you when you need them. Perhaps there’s one in particular that stands out, one that you can hold on to today and tomorrow. Having something simple to repeat to ourselves in moments of overwhelm can help bring us back into the moment and reconnect with where we truly are.

I hope that these bring greater peace to your Thanksgiving and that you have a meaningful holiday season with the people you love.


  • Molly
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