15 10, 2012

Are You Naughty or Nice? A Coworkers Perspective

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Fall is a time of transition and drawing in. The holidays are around the corner and with them extra focus on family & tradition. It's a wonderful season. But do we allow it to permeate our workspace? I want to shift the focus from family to your coworkers. We spend so much time with these people, sometimes even more time than we have with our actual families & friends. Every thing in life has a cycle for change and maybe you need a refresher for your work relationships. So, how are your relationships with your coworkers? I've noticed that if [...]

10 10, 2012

Life Changes in an Instant: When We Are Faced With the Possibility of Losing a Loved One During the Holidays

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The first day of Autumn has come and gone. Years of experience tells me that it is a downhill slide into the holiday season. The time of hustle and bustle has arrived. The streets, malls and restaurants will all be filled to capacity. It is the season of memories and family traditions and for some, a season of loss. This is the time of year when I long for my childhood. The holidays were easy and carefree back then. My biggest concern was whether or not Santa Claus would remember exactly which doll or bicycle I wanted. I knew I [...]

4 10, 2012

Journey Mercies . . . Memories of Fall

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Journey Mercies . . . Memories of Fall There’s a change coming, a really comfortable change. I love the fall and when I was a kid fall meant the start of school and seeing my friends again. Halloween was coming and so was my birthday. It meant Thanksgiving.  It meant that it was almost time for Christmas! Now that I am older, I can reflect much more deeply about how much I love this time of year.  The days are shorter and the air is crisp. Trees that were a common green are now vibrant with color. Beneath my feet [...]

1 10, 2012

It is an October in my Soul: A Tragical Fall Tale

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Is Fall your favorite time of year? I'm guessing if you chose to read this blog then yes, you treasure and savor the change in light and the color of the trees & look as giddily forward to October 1st as I do. For the last 8 years fall brought me charming semesters with my fellow English majors. Fall meant long evenings sipping lattes on the third floor of the library pouring over books on Shakespeare, Milton & Marlowe. Fall meant paradise for me. If you know an English major you won't be surprised to learn that they are some [...]

27 09, 2012

Preparing to Die . . . The Final Season

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Preparing to Die…  The Final Season   My friend, Elinor is a deep thinker.  She doesn’t mind admitting she hit the big “7-0” last year, which is a milestone. Out of the blue one day she said to me: “I just had a bolt of realization! I am preparing to die!!”  Sounds pretty morbid, right? But being in the funeral business, we are surrounded with death and dying and helping those who are grieving.  When we can, we encourage people to pre-pay and pre-plan their funeral to save themselves money and extra stress when the time comes.  This is all [...]

10 09, 2012

4 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Jumping Out of a Plane

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4 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Jumping Out of a Plane By: Krystal Penrose   I’m dangling out of an airplane 2.7 miles in the air, and I’ve got “Dave the Dark Side” strapped to my back. He tells me that he’s going to count to three, and we’re jumping. There’s no looking back now. 1….2…. and before we even get to 3, I’m spinning, flipping and soaring through the air at a mere 120 miles per hour. It’s almost like riding the wild winds of a tornado. There’s no feeling in this world that comes close to jumping [...]

27 08, 2012

Journaling: The 5 Year Plan

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I began journaling when I was 5. I have loved writing and recording the memories of my day for a long time. Writing down the day's events was a delight to me every night. Between the ages of 5 and 13 I filled over 15 journals with entries, taping tickets to a movie into the page or a letter from a pen pal; I even illustrated some days - they were THAT good. As I got older my entries became less frequent and began to feel like a burden. I couldn't commit to all the detail I was used to [...]

19 08, 2012

“Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”: 5 Things You Can Do To Bounce Back From The Blues

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"Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" 5 Things You Can Do To Bounce Back From The Blues   Something that may surprise those who interact with me on a daily basis is that I once suffered from debilitating depression. I am not announcing this for shock value or to seek sympathy.  It is a fact that I went through a period about six years ago when there were days at a time I did not even get out of bed. There were multiple factors that contributed to this dark period in my life. I do believe that I am genetically prone to bouts of [...]

14 08, 2012

Blindsided: a Book You Should Read

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Blindsided a book you should read. A few months ago I received an email from a gal named Arlene Blix. I didn’t know her, she didn’t know me. She told me she had written a book chronicling her husband’s battle with terminal cancer and she wanted to send it to me. I hesitated initially, I’m exclusively a fiction reader, non-fiction is not my cup of tea. I also didn’t want to send an empty promise to read it if I didn’t intend to. But I thought about it, decided I should and she sent me the book. Blindsided: Not only [...]

10 08, 2012

Journey Mercies . . . Life’s Lessons

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Journey Mercies . . .  Life’s Lessons When do “life lessons” begin and when do they end?  From the time we are born our days are filled with rules and regulations.  Do’s and don’ts that are supposed to make our lives easier, richer, fuller, better.  Don’t touch this, don’t do that.  Don’t hit, don’t say bad words, don’t be mean to your sister, always say your prayers, wash your hands before dinner, say yes ma’am and no sir, please and thank-you.  Don’t yell, keep your room clean and don’t say “hate”.  Just writing this takes me back and makes me [...]