28 11, 2012

As You Toast To The Holiday Season, Don’t Forget To Designate A Driver

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As You Toast To The Holiday Season, Don't Forget To Designate A Driver Today I had to take my car to the dealer for an 80,000 mile service.  I was given a voucher for a complimentary rental car.  I gave the gentleman behind the desk my license and credit card as requested.  He offered me their "$15 Walk Away Insurance" in the event anything should happen to the vehicle while I am driving it.  I, of course, agreed right away. I walked away thinking how interesting it is that we worry more about protecting things than we do people. When [...]

21 11, 2012

Thanksgiving: Rejection Sparks Reflection

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Thanksgiving: Rejection Sparks Reflection   Normally a time filled with the noise and laughter of a house filled with family and friends.  A time of me bustling in a kitchen with rich spicy smells from all the preparations.  But maybe not this particular year I am recalling . . .  That year it was to be just the two of us, my husband and I. Our daughter and family would be at her in-laws.  We were invited, but declined. Our good neighbors invited us to join their crew, but that didn’t feel right either. We found out the elderly friend [...]

19 11, 2012

Reflecting on Friendships: Thankful for Pat

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Reflecting on Friendships: Thankful for Pat I never imagined that I would become a fourth generation Funeral Director; I guess my crystal ball was in the shop some 24 years ago. For the last 23 years I have been on this amazing journey of having the privilege of walking along side the families in our community in their darkest hours. My career has become so much more than a job or a paycheck, this profession has so many teaching lessons. The number 1 lesson I have learned thus far is that relationships are key to our lives. I have had [...]

15 11, 2012

Thanksgiving: When You’re Away from Home or All Alone

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Thanksgiving: When You're Away from Home or All Alone My earliest memories of Thanksgiving include preschool art projects of making dough ball turkeys to decorate the dinner table & tracing my hand on paper to make the 4 finger feathers & thumb neck turkeys we all made as kids. I was so proud of my artwork & my mom still has it packed away in her attic almost 40 years later. I also remember going to my grandparents' house for a family dinner.  Everything was homemade - the bread, veggies from the garden, delicious lumpy mashed potatoes & gravy, fruit [...]

13 11, 2012

“Thanks” Comes Before “Giving”

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I've been reflecting on the upcoming months as I begin to plan my holidays around my parents and my in-laws, pray my brother can make it to each gathering, consider menu options & ponder what gifts to give. I love buying presents for people, love surprising them with a thoughtful piece of evidence that demonstrates my love & appreciation of them. Via Rifle Paper Company Problem: Money. My husband and I have struggled to get by these first 3 years of our marriage as the economy fell apart around us and we saw our hours take cuts while [...]

9 11, 2012

Spring Forward, Fall Back: Pushing Through the Setbacks

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Spring Forward, Fall Back   Spring Forward…Fall Back… Here in California that is an easy way to remember which direction to set the clocks when the time changes. But for me, this phrase pertains to a lot more in my life than just time. Whether we want to lose weight, build muscles, learn a musical instrument, take art lessons, start writing a blog, or begin a new business venture, we find that we will “Spring Forward” enthusiastically for a time, only to see ourselves “Fall Back” with some failure or hardship. Why do we do this?  And how can we [...]

7 11, 2012

Journey Mercies . . . Alzheimers: Walking Into Oblivion

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Journey Mercies . . . Alzheimers: Walking Into Oblivion In her book To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee beautifully wrote . . . Via Pinterest I found this to be the case as I learned more about Barry Petersen. November is National Alzheimer Awareness Month and our Blog Coordinator, Molly Keating, asked me if I would take the opportunity to write something that we could share to help bring more awareness to this insidious disease. Other than those who were famous and who were willing to share their fate, (President Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, and most recently, Glen [...]

2 11, 2012

Richard and Becky – A Love Story in Michigan

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Richard and Becky - A Love Story At the end of every summer we make the long road trip with our two dogs to Calumet, MI, a tiny town of 800 people, more or less, in the Keweenaw (key‘-wah- nah) Peninsula of Upper Michigan. My remaining siblings arrive a few days later in dribbles until the house is full.  This September was no exception.  The family was together for our annual family gathering. It consisted this year of my niece Lynda, and my remaining siblings and spouses except Esther and Ruth who were too ill to travel this year. [...]

31 10, 2012

Halloween at Home: How to Have a Memorable Halloween!

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Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. There's no pressure to have the perfect turkey to serve or anxiety over having presents for everyone. It's pretty simple, candy, pumpkins, costumes & friends (plus a little spookiness, you have to have at least one spooky moment!). My brother & I dressed up as Scully & Mulder from The X-Files. We had the BEST costumes! Thanks Mom! I remember only trick-or-treating one time in an actual neighborhood, I enjoyed it but strangers made me uneasy and being a shy child I had a difficult time walking up to the strange & [...]

29 10, 2012

Halloween Past & Present: From the 70’s to Today

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Halloween Past & Present- by Carrie Bayer It's the time of year where the ghosts & goblins come out. Pumpkins, black cats, styrofoam tomb stones & cottony spider webs adorn the neighborhood in anticipation of trick-or-treating. I love this time of year! Via Country Living When I was a kid, my dad would put our dog on a leash & take us kids around the neighborhood to get our fill of candy. There were tons of other families out & about- it was a great night for neighbors to admire the kids' costumes, visit & get to know [...]